Speaking Topics


Like pain in the body, conflict is information about one’s life or a system. Too often overlooked, the focus of conflict surrounds the drama and resolution – not the cause. The purpose of conflict is to focus attention, motivate change, keep systems flowing, and challenge goals. By looking deeper into the reason for the conflict, powerful and crucial changes can occur that is necessary for healthy environments as well as growth.

Workplace Violence

What can thrive in one environment can be eliminated in another environment. There are ideal environments for people to flourish; there are also places where life itself is rooted in basic survival. Promoting and maintaining a healthy work environment is tantamount for successful and progressive businesses. Violence, in every noxious form, can occur from the outside, but the chances of it growing in a healthy environment are negligible.

Juggling Conflict

Juggling conflict is an interactive, exciting, highly researched, and powerfully enlightening program. Its purpose is to help individuals and groups identify and build skills that address their ability to handle obstacles and conflict. Basic concepts of conflict are entwined in the practice of juggling. The process of juggling invigorates many parts of the brain, which in turn integrates the message at a more significant level. Additionally, people tend to remember the concepts and language of conflict as they continue to juggle long after the workshop ends.

Thinking Past Ordinary

Each person develops a way of thinking, which leads to a habit of thinking. Powerful thinking skills, such as open-mindedness, flexibility, perspective, creativity, and reflection, are learned; they are not the brain’s innate ability. When thinking changes, the world changes with possibilities that could not be realized with poor thinking skills. The ability to look at things differently results in new responses that invite opportunities and evolutions in both relationships and ideas.

Program outlines, learning objectives, handouts, and fee schedule is available upon request. Fees are negotiable for non-profits and special circumstances.