The Heroic Act of Escalation

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Conflict in this sense can be compared to bacteria in the body. We all have bacteria in our body that could prove fatal if it reached a certain level. Our immune system plays the role of keeping the bacteria in check. Conflict also needs to reach a certain level before it can impact a system. When conflict is kept at a low level, it is easy not to deal with it because it isn’t potent or strong enough to get the attention of the system. Even if one person keeps acting out because of it, the conflict may stay hidden behind the actions of the person. Yet, we all know individuals who are...

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Resolving Communication Problems

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The bottom line of communication is about clarity – not agreement. There are two situations that we have all experienced. Here is the first one: Have you ever been in a conversation when all of a sudden it hits you that you do not have a clue what the other person is talking about? Usually, it ends up being a comical situation and everyone laughs as you both try to unravel the mystery of the conversation. And then there is the movie scene that has been played out in a variety of situations, but they all tend to be about saving someone. It is night, and, naturally, the lights are not...

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One change can change everything

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