The Ability to Handle Conflict with Wisdom

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Communication, Conflict Theory, Managing Conflict | Comments Off on The Ability to Handle Conflict with Wisdom

image for Handling Conflict with WisdomEveryone handles conflict in some way; not everyone can handle conflict with wisdom.

In fact, probably most people CANNOT handle conflict with wisdom,and absolutely no one can handle conflict with wisdom 100 percent of the time. We are human, and a plethora of conditions can affect how we respond in conflict. Under certain conditions, it would take a saint to walk out of a situation with addressing the conflict and without hurting another person.

There are people who simply fail at handling most conflict. These people usually lack people skills, the ability to handle themselves, the capacity to feel empathy, and absolutely little to no skills to address an adversarial situation. Their track record of failures around relationships or resolving conflict appropriately is a testament to their lack of skills and awareness. Of course, these people have a reputation reflecting their track record and are well-known by others who have to work or live with them.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who have people skills, self-mastery, empathy for people in opposing situations, and a powerful ability to handle conflict so that the conflict is resolved and relationships are unharmed. They, too, have a reputation and are often sought out by others for their insights and suggestions. These people are not perfect, but they learn from their mistakes and are motivated to be a better person.
Where do most of us stand? We are probably slightly above the medium mark leaning toward the healthier end. Those who have worked and lived around us and have witnessed us in a conflict would probably have some better insights where we specifically stand. Our inability to clearly see ourselves is a human condition facing most of us. The community around us can usually keep the perspective of assessing our skills. Waking up to how we participate in this world is in connecting with those people we interact with on a daily basis.