A Stressful Thought

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Communication, Conflict Theory | Comments Off on A Stressful Thought

difference imageWhile I was growing up, I dreaded to hear the words, “We are going to have company.”

I think my whole family felt a knot in their stomachs as well. Starting several days before the event, my mother would get into the mood. She would turn into someone that Attila the Hun would be leery of challenging. Until the guests actually put a step inside the house, my mother was relentless in her pursuit to have everything in perfect order. It wasn’t until after their arrival that my mother would gradually return to her senses. Company stressed my mom to the point of falling apart.

Stress is an emotional state, with physiological symptoms, that is a result of thinking in a particular way. This sounds relatively modest and almost too simple. If a situation causes too much pain and grief, wouldn’t it be easier to just think about it differently? This question has been the bane of the human existence and the focus of psychology.

The fact is that anything is really nothing until we make it something. Money is just paper or metal, diamonds are rocks, and values are beliefs, yet people have died trying to acquire or protect them. What one person thinks of as trash, another person will value as priceless. The difference in thinking is the root of all conflict. The question of conflicts should be less of “What are you fighting about?” and more of “Why are you fighting about this?” An outsider would not understand the matter until the difference of thinking was established.